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Do your bofs smell strong
Do they really make a pong
Can you smell them in England
When you're in Hong Kong?

Can you brew them up for hours
And then let them out in showers
Do your bofs smell strong?

Do your bofs smell weak
Do they only make a squeak
Has there ever been a time
when you haven't done one for a week
Are they the opposite of Glynis' and Angela's boffs too?
do your bofs smell weak?

Copyright Ang, Glyn And CarrieAnne 1981ish
Can be sung to 'do your ears hang low' tune.


My painting skills are getting better with practice Andy (or should that be practise Liz? No, I think I'm correct cos the painting practice is a doing word ie verb?? Hope I'm right there!!)


Well, Ange!

Thank you for risking everything here.

Welcome to our cosey little world.

Liz and I are trying to decide if there should be a serious section of the site - just to satisfy those odd wistful moments.

Opinions anyone?



Very funny poems, indeed. Mine are silent and fragrant,like a trumpet filled with cotton wool.

I have some poetry at my site.


Kate Savage - All Over the Place

"ode to someone who is probably quite nice, but who is not really my cup of tea in all honesty" is THE best poem ever. Ever. How fitting that I did a search for "silly poems" to borrow one I could recite in a voice message for a man I am attempting to woo in London, and landed on this site. A man I met through a Silly Poem mini-society, a group of friends doing the same. So, um, thank you.


hey your poems stinck lozer make a funny 1 man u silly man

guy who wrote this coment

i don't get it

Siobhan Nugent

the idea of this poem made me laugh sooooo much :D
love itttttt x
hahahaha x


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