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Genius is a strong word...

...but warrented in this case, I feel.


Nice, when your friends start to listen to you,
It means loads of trees won’t get covered in poo.
It may not mean they don’t get chopped and sliced and made into paper
It just means we wont have to flush so much later.


I love as much as the advert, luv your bum. We do but 30% more or less, whichever way you want to look at it.


I was suspicious, at first, of toilet paper made from "recycled". But now that it has been explained to me, I feel better about it.

Liz Curtis

Ian, I /know/ you have a toilet. There is simply no need to have to go to the loo behind a tree!
Recycled is the way to go with loo roll.


When you go to have a poo
Think of the roll
Don't flush it all down the loo

Spare a thought for those
Poor old trees
And Liz, another blog entry


I like blogging,
I like blogging,
I like blogging and I like to blog
I like blogging,
I like blogging,
If you don't like blogging
Go for a jog
Or sit on the bog
And waste the loo roll


Oh Angela - you are truly gifted!

As a painter?


I've had a poem published!!! Honestly. Liz might have some luck with that actually. Her poems are rather good!!

Liz Curtis

Why, thank you Angela. I class them as class doggerel. :-)


Sorry, you"ve lost me there. I'm not the brightest torch on the block you know ... I'm aware that I subconsciously 'dumbdown' and I've decided it's cos I'm lazy. If people realised how clever I really was (or were??) I'd get loads to do ... I like to be in charge and do what I want to do. told you I was selfish .. is it an age thing??? ( I'm aware this doesn't rhyme it's a prose really!!)


I hope you're having a great day! I'm glad my post didn't creep you out too much.Isn't it eerie how I could just Photoshop myeslf on there? My skills are obviously getting pretty top notch.I'm starting to think I AM one of those freaks on the internet.


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