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very good and original


Thanks, nalo. :)


Ex boyfriend adivce please. What do you think about this.?Me and my ex broke up after he came home from boot camp from the marines he told me he lost all feeling and stuff like that. He's been gone at training for a month and yesterday was my birthday. So he texted me and finally let me ask questions. I'm going to type our dialouge.Me- I like you texting me, but I want to know why your texting me every weekend all of a sudden.Him- Well I'd rather text someone I'm comfortable with but I feel like im not being fair to you. What do you want to know?Me- I want to know if its what you wanted to do or if its what you had to do.Him- What the marines?Me- No, usHim- I didnt have to date you, I chose too, I think i had to do what i did, did i not when i did it but I knew it was for a good reason.Me- Is that how you really felt.Him- I really didnt have emotions before but I figured me being gone for so long wouldnt be healthy for someone so young and beautiful, disregard that last word, i meant geargous.Me- I know you wont believe me but im strong I couldv'e held on more than you thought.Him- Trust me I knew you well enough you wouldnt have liked the outcome, being you still at a immature state and always waiting on something you couldnt have, you dont see it like i do.Me- I know I dont I just knew you didnt tell me the whole truth when we broke up.Him- I held it from you so you wuldnt idk keep attractionMe- Did you feel any different after leaving again.Him- Yes, I regained feels and so I remixed everything that was done, wasnt going to change back.Me- I understand, and I get it, I guess i just hoped for too much when you got back.Him- yeah well I plan on being who I as,, not who I am when I get out.Me- Thats goood cuz ill alwayys remember who you were.Him- I wish I could. I'm just going move when I get out of the service and start a new life anyway. I hate how much home has changed.Me- Whats the ral reason yuo sent me that quote about love is patient, love is kind Him- It reminded me of you i was reading it on my moms notes on facebook.Me- Do you still think about me.Him- At times but I remember I let you go to grow and mature. This all happened for a reason.Me- It happened cuz you believd it to.Him- I can cut all ties if that will helpMe- Thats on you if you want to but its not like im all hung up over this. Id like to keep the friend i could talk to before octoer 12.Him- well im always here to talk but im not going to bring this up again but i wont text you first anymore, its all on you,.Me- I can tell you still care when you text me. I dont want to feel like thats the only way youll talk.Him- Well im learning to coup with lose. You can hide it in until you die inside.Me- Thats how you want to be?Him- Ill hide somthing inside my soul to help them in there life if i feel its right.Me- Thank you i know you only did this for my birthday I wish I could remember more.Him- I'll go to bed. good night, happy birthday, you deserve the bestMe- K i'll say it whatever. Theres a reason youve been texting me. You can say im wrong but i know somewhere im right i know what you did was right. all i wanted to know was have you really lost all your feelings towards me honestly.. but goodnight and thanks you too.Him- Who knows, only he does . Night.That was most of it. But I feel like it wasnt accompplisshed. What do you think.


"performance", seeking to bmlakcail me. I plan to use the suitcase full of cash to hire a hitman. It will be one of the dirty hitmen who likes to take his time with his work.That said, I have re-invented my acting chops and channeled them through music. Now I get to go onstage at BARS rather than auditoriums, and my efforts are met with the dancing of women that were probably barely out of kindergarten when I graduated, drunken "YEAHHHHHHHH!"'s from the guys who are chasing them around the bar, and the occasional wink from the cougar in the corner.I am sorry that you didn't get the part as a hillbilly in Li'l Abner. But you DID eventually win the role of leading mommy, and that's one achievement that nobody can take from you, not even a bitter orchestral director at a small public high school :-)


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