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February 02, 2009



Carnation milk says to me childhood, fruit cocktail....fighting for the cherry, cutglass fruit bowl and Sunday afternoon tea. There....


It's sardines on toast isn't it.
Anyway, I prefer bread and butter pudding and I know someone who makes delicious bread and butter pudding.


You should get them to make it Liz and then drop some in here for tasting. :)


Sunday tea at nanna's. Proper tablecloth - the works. Jelly and evaporated milk - but only if you ate all your sandwiches first!
Thanks for the trip, Andy.
I wonder if it had added vitamin 'D' back then?


Definitely jelly and Carnation for me - I remember sneaking out to a neighbour's house when I was supposed to be at my dad's allotment and she gave me strawberry jelly and Carnation milk in her little lean-to porch which had a blue Formica table in it. I never did it again but to this day think about it.

I'll make a bread and butter pudding soon, you guys...


Ah what memories, I was just a bit basic!!!
For me it was simple
A slice of Bread smothered in Carnation Mmmmm!!!!!( Most likely be sick if I done that now )


Fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges, peaches/pears. Remember one day we ran out of fresh milk and tried watered down Carnation on our cereal instead .... bleurghh! horrible!!


Bizzare - my mother's relations who lived in Chester le street had it in there tea. Uggghhhhhh I thought it was just people over there who did that - but the first time I met Steve's parents - guess what was in my tea?
I drank it though.

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