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December 27, 2008


Jason Thompson

Not sure what constitutes an appropriate comment here, but please fill in this thought vacuum with something suitably encouraging, uplifting, witty and slightly rude but in a way that doesn't offend anyone we like.

Liz Curtis

You are very in touch with your feminine side, I agree. :-)

Honest John

I always find divore or any kind of break up harder if your partner was good looking.
Now I'm not being rude but Andy's ex was no oil painting.
In fact she wasn't even a coat of primer.
So it shouldn't be to hard to get over the loss of that old boiler.

Take my advice and get a Thai bride next time Andy.
You can't go wrong with a ting tong.


Honest John, I'm sure you mean well, and in your own mind, you probably even think that your comments are kind. But they're not really are they - because apart from the fact that attractiveness is highly subjective, Andy and Liz are people who value the deeper aspects of their friends, and probably don't choose them on external appearance. Liz is lovely, as is Andy, and I don't notice you submitting a photo of yourself for our consideration, bless you. You're entitled to your opinion, in some ways, but these are real people with feelings, and it doesn't help anyone just to be rude and ignorant like you have been. Don't listen to him, Andy - and Liz, thank Dear God that you know better. xxx

Honest John

Jason, you mention that I haven't submitted a picture.
Yet start by saying that "attractiveness is highly subjective".
Obviously you get off by asking other men if they can send you a picture to rate how attractive they are.

How very gracious of you to say that I'm entitled to my opinion.
Especially as this is Andy's website not yours.
Again you start by saying that "You're entitled to your opinion"
Yet end by saying "Don't listen to him, Andy - and Liz"
Full of contradictions aren’t you, Jason.

What I originally wrote was a joke comment wrote tongue in cheek for Andy.
When you get a sense of Humour you may understand.
Until then keep asking for photo’s from strange men sweetheart.

Final word for Andy, I know deep down you’re a decent guy.
Time is a great healer mate you’ll be okay eventually.

Liz Curtis

Hey, John .. the woman in question here. It's OK, I know who I am. I can take it on the chin. lol I'm really sorry to disappoint you, but Andy hasn't really lost me ... we are still really good friends. Bummer, eh? ;-)
Jason ... awww thanks.


I love you Liz and Andy. And those who know me realise that I have a small but perfectly formed sense of humour. And I use my real name, John so there's some accountability there too. It's not my web site, but I've lived here long enough to feel at home, and these are my good friends. I don't want them to feel any hurt at the hands of someone whose sense of humour may not be all that funny to them, at least, however much the rest of us enjoy people being called unattractive. I just have a problem with that kind of humour, but that's just me being a killjoy I'm sure. You, Jim Davison and Bernard Manning must come round for tea one day to teach me how to appreciate a good joke.


We are all beautiful people, except some choose to keep it very very very well hidden, its usually people who are very insecure.....John!!!!

Your comments were distasteful and humourless, go and work on it.


Those who know me can quite honestly say that when it comes to putting the foot in the proverbial mouth, or having said something that comes out wrong I am probably one of the experts.
However I do it out in the open, without a mask and after I realise I at least have the decency to apologise for it, in person.
If you really believe that comment was an attempt at humour you need to be told straight that it really wasn’t. It was a direct insult to one of our friends and an insult to Andys very good taste in women.
It was hurtful and shallow and quite honestly should never have been written, not even as a perceived piece of humour.
Do your honour a favour and rather than try to defend this just apologise for the mistake.


Well said Ian and Rebecca.

Honest john

Hey Liz,

which one of your chins can you take it on?,lol.
I have never seen the attraction in being a chubby chaser myself.
Yet whatever helps you get your rocks off is all good.

Nice to see you have a sense of humour your my kind of woman.
Fancy going out for a romantic kebab sometime?

Love Honest john xxx


John ... Nothing like overstating your case.
You wouldn't be related to Honest Tony would you?

Honest John


Stop playing hard to get.
Do you want chicken or Doner?
We can bring a doggy bag back for Andy.


Honest John...

Did anyone ever tell you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so from that saying, how can you depict what others find attractive!!

Also in your reference to Kebabs and asking Liz out on a date to eat one – did you not see the recent news about the fat content in this item of food – perhaps then you could be described as a feeder!

But we are all entitled to our opinions, perhaps next time though, you should keep yours to yourself, as I am sure you can ascertain from the above posts that your comments have not been very well received.

Also - try and get the hint that Liz is just not interested!


I'm interested though, and he STILL hasn't sent me a picture of himself. I do hope he's as unattractive as he sounds, because that's what floats my boat. Come on Johnny XXX


Go on Honest John - Give Jason your picture - let him have his kicks....!

Honest John


I think in Andy’s case beauty was in the eye of the beer holder.
Who hasn’t at some time put on the beer goggles and woken up with a munter?
Still it could have been worse he could of woken up with Jason.

In your reference to Kebabs and asking Liz out on a date to eat one.
I have given the matter a lot of thought and maybe it was a bad idea.
As the average kebab contains almost 1,000 calories - half a woman's recommended daily intake.
I don’t think Liz would survive on a 5000 calorie a meal deficit.

Good luck with finding gay pictures that your bitch Jason craves.

Honest John

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