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December 15, 2008



Be open and welcoming and friendly, even if you don't always feel like it - and offer to help someone too in some way.


I agree Jason - I think it must be my age or something but simply enjoying 'quality time' with all different kinds of people is immensley (?) enjoyable as well as boots with a matching bag.


These days I get very nostalgic about Christmas past. Having children around must make it all the better and Barbara and I will be entertaining friends this year with a couple of tots in that really will make a difference. However, to get back to that nostalgia best advice is to stick on your stereo the songs that you used to listen to with your folks at Christmas times long ago..the memories will flood back. In my case it will be Nat King Cole followed by the The Coventry Carol sang by the Kings College Choir.
It'll be 1955 again and I'll have lots of nuts and oranges in my stocking, and if I'm really lucky a "Robbie The Robot" with real moving arms! Enjoy yourself Andy.

Tim the Enchanter

I can only endorse your earlier statement that its more about people than things. So people.... hope its a good one for you!


I have to say I love Christmas Eve, the anticipation and that all important glass of port, mince pie and carrot.

Its a time of sharing and thinking of others. This year I will be thinking of all the victims of the recent floods in Morpeth and wondering how they are mangaging.

Try and limit how much you plan, because you will just get frustrated if it doesn't happen. The only thing I plan is dinner, otherwise, its please yourself everyone and enjoy the day in any way you want to.


Enjoy life, love God.

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