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November 01, 2008


Liz Curtis

I'm glad a corner has been turned, the sap is rising and moss is being shed.


Welcome back Andy. It gets better from now on in.


Hi :)


Andy I am overjoyed that this corner has been turned, and we both knew it would come. Damn you though, because what I wanted to write was really really unkind and harsh, and although you'd have found it very funny, I'm not sure the public would be entirely ready for some of it's content. However, please just imagine the response to this that I would give in person if we knew no-one else was listening, and you'll have captured roughly 10% of it's horror and humour. Clearly, better times are yet to come I hope. For me.

Tim the Enchanter

Relief, gratitude... and lots of happy.


Hello you


PS - Do I know you?


Great to read another blog from you. It has been difficult to stop myself getting intouch, or trying to... I'm so glad you're emerging again - i was really worried!


Hi Andy,
It's been a long time since any contact. I have been hearing about your difficult times over the past few months from Jason, not in a gossipy way you understand, but from genuine concern. I wanted to compare notes with you over Maryland as that's also where Barbara and I spent our hols. However I thought it best to keep my distance and give you the space and time you obviously needed.I did try ringing on a couple of occasions but understand your need to remain within yourself. Very glad you are on the mend. Hope your leg problem gets sorted and we can have contact soon.



Wow what a surprise!! I tuned in expecting those blasted symbols to stare back at me YET AGAIN. But whoa - I'm both surprised and happy at the same time. Happy Birthday my dear lad and remember its still the same - anything I can do to help - let me know.


Thanks to all for responding. I'm not completely out of the woods yet, but getting there.


Lovely to hear from you, glad some of the fog has lifted. See you soon I hope


Just wanted to say hi from over here in California! I'm still checking in on occasion too, though I haven't been writing in my blog myself.

fave sis michelle

hey Andy nice to see your back x


Think the front would be a nicer view! :-)

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