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August 16, 2008



Drive safe.. Drive carefully..
most of all enjoy the trip home


Alive would be a goog start please...


Hi Andy, so glad you enjoyed your time on Tiree. Hope your trip home and uneventful and that you feel better soon. Gordon


I have long since had any clue what to write here. Imagine something that's 60% feelgood supportive positive affirmation and 40% incredibly witty and something you just wish you'd said because it was so amazingly funny and clever. That's what I mean.


Thanks to you all for the kind and supportive words. You're all great. No, really, you are.

And for you Jason - please please....just write what you feel inside. Even if it is big swears. I'd really like to hear from you, rather than from your severely diminished supply of 'things you think I'd like to hear right now'.


Do Barry and Gordon realise that their names are included in the comment? Ange

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