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July 08, 2008



Your hair is growing....


Rebecca - I've been blogging for quite a long time now. I remember my first blog was arrogant enough not to allow comments from readers - something which qI uickly changed when I realised how nice it would be to hear the thoughts of those who followed my deeds, misdeeds and other sillinessess.

In all that time I have received a great many comments, but none so witheringly factually accurate as the one you have just made.

YES -my hair is growing. Bravo! Excellentti! Amazing! You have me all sussed out, I can tell. Between you and me, my heart is also beating. :)


I can HARDLY WAIT for you pointing out the British phreses which Americans would either misunderstand or become offended by CONSTANTLY in almost EVERY conversation we have when you get back home. I'll try not to WET MY KNICKERS with excitement and unabashed glee at your metropolitan sophistication. LET ME LEARN FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Curtis

Some of the Americanisms date from the time that the Pilgrim Fathers went out there. The words that they used are still in use in the States, whereas the words we use have been affected by our European neighbours.

suzy colebeck

Hi Andy, have been following your american trip blog with glee, sounds like a great trip albeit an eventful one helath wise. As long as you don't come back speaking in an american accent like someone at my uni did after 6 weeks (also wearing a cowboy hat and boots), we can forgive you anything!


Jason, you crawler...Andy I read your blog with interest and then looked up at your photo and thought....ahh your hair is growing and wrote it. I hang my in my head in shame and I hoped to amuse you...clearly I failed :(


Rebecca! I am so sorry - My convoluted attempts at humour are not always as kind as I might wish. Please forgive me?

Jason - You're so cruel and yet attractive. Honestly!


Rebecca - If only Jason were crawling. I sense a deep sarcastic twist to his words. He won't even deny it, when interrogated.

Suzy - I never knew you read my blog. Oh my. I'm all embarassed now. Oh really, Suzy! Oh my. Gosh.


I wouldn't know how to be sarcastic if I TRIED.


I miss you. Can't wait to hear all about your stateside (just thought I'd drop that little Americanism in so Jason would realise how cosmolopitan I was too) adventures AND see you grown hair. :-)

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