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July 04, 2008



How fast do they go? What is the cornering like? Could you tow a caravan?


Once you get over that self preservation thing of - 'I feel so humiliated' - just get practical - why stick pins in your eyes if you don't have to?
PS Those frog legs look like chicken fillets - anyone confirm the taste?


It's a Snacka-Chariot. You should have taken it home - but that may have resulted in a low-speed pursuit by local law enforcement officers, and a Mexican snack-off.

Liz Curtis

What I want to know is does it beep when you are reversing?


OK - Big news - Yes, it does beep whilst reversing. Very high-pitched noise. Horrible, enough to make me plan my journeys as carefully as possible.

They do not go fast at all - their top speed seems to be broadly based on the speed of an “average” adult walking at an “average” speed. Cornering is SUPERB! The thing can literally turn on a sixpence. As for the caravan, it would need to be a very light one, with no propane canisters...and even then the battery power would run out pretty soon.

The worst fear in these things is that they will run out of juice half way round. Thankfully, this has only happened once.

Thank you everyone for your interest.


I haven't eaten any frogs legs Jac, but I imagine if I did they might taste of chicken. Or, at least, ”let's say it's chicken“.



I have Jac and yes I can confirm, they taste like chicken.

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