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July 02, 2008


Liz Curtis

Now I had corn bread in Kentucky that was quite bread like and really nice. Maybe it differs from state to state.


That just looks wrong on so many levels.


PS - Please may we have some pictures of the landscape? I am enjoying the foodaholic ones, truly - but I'd like a sense of place too:-)


Oh Jac you have completely misunderstood. Andy didn't go to America to look at trees or pretty lakes or majestic mountain ranges or even interesting towns, villages, people or places. He went to do what the greatest adventurers have always done - eat all he could, then leave the country an empty wasteland of dirty plates and discarded food wrappers. He gets my wholehearted support, and I hope he doesn't take a single photograph of a flower or jawdropping coastline or awe inspiringly beautiful river at sunset.


Andy I wonder what that cornbread would be like with some Barry juice on?

P.S. I would like to see a couple of photo's of your surrounding's too Please


Honestly, you lot....Andy, I am just grateful for your communication and if its only food that interests you on this sabatical, then so be it and we just need to look on map don't we, I mean its not that big a place is it?


Mmmm, corndogs... They're delicious.

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