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June 16, 2008



That's very sweet Andy. Please can your next post be about moist wipes.


Or cookies, since you're in Maryland?

Tim the Enchanter

Speaking of which... have you met Mary yet?


Oo er.


Are you - any of you - implying that my postings so far have been a little too miniscule? Be honest.


No Andy, not at all. I think your American Adventure Blogs have given us Brits possibly the fullest, frankest picture of life in Today's America yet witnessed on the internet. You paint your word poems deftly with subtle brush-strokes and I for one feel that I'm living every moment with you, uncannily present as you engage with every facet of living across the Atlantic. If anything, go into less detail, as it's frankly exhausting. Well worth the effort though! Keep it up!!!


I have never known Americans be short of something to say so you must be British Andy and sweet enough....thats right isn't it?


Broccoli and sweeteners. Sigh. Something serious must be afoot.

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