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May 26, 2008



Well done Andy - wonderful to read a blog from you again, and such an interesting one. I'll help you out with your gin problem when I'm back in the region if you like. Hope you enjoy America. I agree with you about Eurovision, and indeed everything else. I still haven't managed to freecycle. Must start.


We are thinking about recycling a few things lately, some of it in principal and as a mini protest, as opposed to making money on them. Confused, I bet you are....


Is the picture UK or USA????? It looks lush.
I hate Gin. But I like limes.
I agree about the football and unfortunately I did put myself through another year of Eurovision and was ridiculously upset when the voting was over - yet again - I still hoped it would be better this year. Silly me. I really do hope that Terry Wogan stops doing it and the BBC come to their senses.
I will not be watching next year.
If you don't come back from America can I have the address so that Steve and I can come for our hols????


Wow, you're coming to the U.S.! I've never been to Maryland. I hope you have a great time.

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