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April 19, 2008



I was never happy with any of my previous surnames, but had the privilege of being a woman and upon marraige had the choice of changing it. I have never thought of you as anything else, but have the assurance of knowing thats exactly who you are.


Pleased to meet you, Andy Curtis. I look forward to becoming acquainted... all over again :-)


I seem to be having trouble finding your old name in my phone to be able to update my records.


Look - I still may call you Andrew. Not to annoy you - it just sometimes slips out and I need to know you're not going to ignore me as if you haven't heard me or something. Of course I really like the name Andrew and if Amy had turned out to be a boy - then that was one of my many names for him. So there you have it.
You can call me Chris or Chrissie if you like - I don't like them but I don't really care that much either way.


I wanted Kieran to be Andrew too, Ian's middle name and he didn't want Andrew in any part of Kieran's name but I won.

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