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March 03, 2008



I think 'giving in', is not actually doing anything and I see no sign of that here. You are doing what works not only for you, but your family, no-one can ask more of you than that. Best of luck with the paperwork.


Brave decision...even braver to share here - even though we are without exception fine people :-)
Hard to look at your life this way, Andy... tough to write it out in 50 pages... thinking that is how some may define you from now on.
Not disabled - just - differently abled :-) We are all differently abled in all things. Just that yours is easier to see/feel and bloody unfair to be accompanied by such pain. So unfair that as you lose weight it seems to be worsening - any medical reason for this or just - shitty luck?


And definately never in-valid!


Can I continue giving you bed baths daily, or am I NOT NEEDED ANY MORE?!!

Liz Curtis

Jason, Jason, we will always need you. I'm actually building up to needing bed baths myself once we have the "help" in for Andy.


Andy thats what the system is there for,use it. I felt ashamed when I came out of the army and had to ask for the form at my local Job centre, not any more. Hold your head high my friend

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