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January 17, 2008


Liz Curtis

I found the answer for me is to just totally ignore all requests and contact people when and how I like. At least it's free, unlike Friends Reunited. If people enjoy doing the "fun" stuff, then that's up to them.
No-one is forced to join Facebook.


I would caution your friend against not needing their bog anymore - this can have serious medical consequences...


I feel like its some kind of subliminal psychological test and that those of us that are vain, insecure and all those other interesting psychological traits are being my facebook is testament to this. On the other hand I don't think too much about the ins and outs and enjoy communicating FOC.


I agree with you, Andy. I went through all the love/hate stuff with Myspace many years ago, and my interest in these social networking sites is minimal. But you're right that Facebook has done some new things that are both good and bad--all of these applications people can add on that can be cool, but also really obnoxious. I ignore most of them, but the example you gave above is really frustrating. Being forced to send it to people is lame, and if they're going to do that, they should tell you up front, not after you've taken the whole quiz.


I have to wait until 20 people comment before I can say anything :-(

John Cooper

I really hate facebook. It's another opportunity for people who know each other really well not to interact in a "real" way. And for you to be hassled by people who don't know you very well (who obviously have more time than you).

It has been resigned to the waste basket along with MSN & skype. I have skype at work for honest communication with those 1000's of mile away. For everyone else - email, phone, VOIP even, will do me fine. Or we could just meet up somewhere and have a coffee.

The other day someone used facebook to ask me a work related question. It was lost amongst the requests to become a zombie ;( or send someone a virtual piece of fruit. You know what? Anyone who calls me can have a real piece of fruit, I'll deliver it and talk to you - How's that for social interaction.

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