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November 10, 2007



They look ready for you....


You have to realsise that for us lesser mortals, who are incapable of making beautiful noises come frompotentially musical instruments - that seeing/hgearing this happen right in front of our very eyes - and ears - is always amazing.


PS - I demand that you add an editing feature to this blog so people may be under the illusion that I am capable of pressing keys in the right order.


PPS -even though my cover is well and truly blown.


No, I think it is perfectly charming just the way it is. :)

Pink Martini were superb. Thanks for getting us in.

Mr. Mavin

Regarding Gig number 56329 .... please please please can we see "those" photos?


Er - regarding gig no. 56329 please don't do anything silly now there's a good chap.

Mr. Mavin

Silly is Andy's middle name!

Shall we vote for it?


by the way - it was great to see you again Mav - see you in December?

Mr. Mavin

Yes ... see you in December .... But flatery will not stop the photos being published I'm sure!


...even more so that people will enjoy reading about it on this very blog, most probably without the knowledge of what music was played or how it sounded on that fateful evening.

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