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October 25, 2007


Tim the Enchanter

Wonderful! Very please for you both, and looking forward to helping to warm your new home.

fave sis michelle

happy house warming from South Yorkshire wish we could be there but wouldonly make a fool of myself, we have a birthday party to attend for little one then im working the next day so make it go with a bang.........p.s.earplugs for those noisey dogs or a tranquiliser gun for them............


So glad you're safely in and the boxes are slowly being emptied into the furthest reaches of the place's many many crevices and cubby holes where I'm sure they'll lie undisturbed until you next have to move. Can't wait for the housewarming. Is it fancy dress?


So glad to see you are settling in and when I am back a w, not saying it just yet, we will have to set up the wires for hot chocci and coffee orders. You even managed a nap....ahhh.


I can't wait for the warming - I'm prepared to travel from the windswept island for what promises to be the social event of the year. Bless you both.


Colin and Sue - come on down! We can offer you a warm bed for the night/nights and as much Northumbrian soup as you can eat.

It will, at least, be the social event of

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