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August 03, 2007


Liz Curtis

Well, you can be assured that I will never get any, so you're safe around me!


They're called Heeleys, Andy. I believe they should be banned from shops. Seriously.


That's wearing and buying.


It happened to me the first time in a supermarket, too. I thought I was hallucinating. Children don't normally move that way I figured - hovering ever so slightly above the ground... floating effortlessly... I looked around. No one else was noticing. It had finally happened, over work, tiredness, stress. I had begun to see things.
So - I was kinda glad to discover heelies or wheelies or whatever they're called. I was glad I still had my marbles - and I was not tempted to bluetac them to the soles of my shoes and continue my journey around Asda.

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