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August 21, 2007



Oh I wish I was there too, basking in that warm sunshine, thinking about what to do today. You and Jason are so alike with your internet needs and we love that, but so different in your approach to language, I think Jason may have liked a little more English and he has said he found the language barrier so frustrating. I like the fun of it and laugh at myself when I get it wrong and the country I am visiting laugh too, so win win. Enjoy your wonderful break and yes I think you are right, if we had lovely weather here, I think we would be less inclined to live abroad. We went to a little place calle Javai and still had some of the old Spain, I daresay a lot of what we witnessed has gone now as there was mass building work when we were there.


You'll get a chance to make us all jealous, I'm sure. It's actually too hot for me here. Just sitting and doing nothing at all is enough to get me sweating uncontrollably.



The reason I find it so hard to imagine living anywhere else in the world again is that the weather in LA is almost always perfect. Warm and sunny and beautiful. I relate to the love/hate feelings you have about finding such a British presence there. I feel the same way about an American presence when I'm abroad. That said, when I returned from vacation a couple of weeks ago, I was sort of aching to return to my American conveniences and the things I actually like about the place I live.

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