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July 08, 2007



I like the smoking ban! but I can imagine that if I lived where you did I would no doubt hate it as well, it might be worth reporting your incidences to the local police every time it happens who may in turn mention it to the pub and club. I am sure it is still illegal as it is affecting your life and encroaching on your home.

Liz Curtis

I like the smoking ban too. Even if we could get the outside of the house to be smoke free, who would or could enforce it? Nice thought though.

Tim the Enchanter

I believe it is certainly very illegal to release a 'special blessing' through someones' letterbox! What's the matter with people. This whole country's going to the dogs. It makes my blood boil this sort of thing!

Sorry. Got a bit carried away there. I'm OK now.

But seriously, get the fuzz in.


I have no words of wisdom or comfort, except I agree with Tim and I could offer you wisdom and comfort, when they arrive....

Seriously, you have no other avenue.


I think moving is about the best if not only thing you can do. Can't see the police being a lot of help. It's not illegal to smoke on the street. You could try getting a vicious dog.(!) Hope the opportunity to move comes soon for you.


Got a suggestion - if they wee on your door and you catch them - then get water and spray it at them. Like wise - get some nice window type boxes - when they smoke - water them but spill it by accident in the smokers general direction.....

I am also in favour of the smoking ban, I did always want a smoke free wedding and thought I might have trouble on my hands trying to enforce this - thankfully the government did this for me.....


get a vicious dog that attacks things that come through the letter box? I'm thinking home alone style booby traps!

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