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May 31, 2007



Maybe the theory is that is you injure yourself further damage and pain you will deaden the nerve endings and then not be able to feel pain at all!
Have you tried catching leprosy?


I certainly hope so.


Is that the cream that they say apply at speed with a cricket bat?


To be honest, Ian, I'm wondering whether to even try. It doesn't boast a lot of upsides.

Tim the Enchanter

So Andy, what are you going to do with all that paint? Paint something perhaps?

fave sis michelle

I think this is whats called The Pleasure Pain Principle, or am I thinking of sumit else......


The people who make the chilli pepper pain relief cream also pioneered a haemmoroid treatment which consist of a short broom handle with carpet tacks and fishing hooks attached to it. Apply vigorously after meals then allow to 'calm' before sitting.


Just - ouch

Liz Curtis

Tell you what, if you do try the rhc cream and I'm called upon to apply it, I'll be wearing gloves!
I thought he was a good doctor who really seemed to want to listen and help. That was refreshing.


Your new cream was shown on a cooking programme this morning, the guy was doing a 'special' section on chilli's - very interesting. Aparently it will deaden the pain nerves over time so they on't make you feel pain! Do let us know how you get on.


Ha Ha.... I was right!


You're always right, Louise. I know that now.

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