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April 06, 2007



maybe if you sold yourselves as "Anita & Christine with Robbie in the middle"
I mean I am surprised that Anita & Robbie got themselves into that sort of situation...


I have no idea why you have shown the picture, what the blog comment actually means and what Ian's comment means either - mabe I need to go to bed and sleep on it and hopefully in the morning wake up to find it was just a bad bad dream and Andy hasn't really started putting pictures like this on his blog again. Please God do something about this.


Wakey wakey, Christine...


I don't know what YOU mean Christine. That's the best picture of you that's ever appeared on Andy's blog. I've seen a first cut of a couple of the songs, and I like what I see so far, but we need to smile more when we're playing.


I think that it's about time Christine started her own blog, then she could extract some real revenge.

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