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April 17, 2007



So brave. Anything at all I can do to help - just shout.


Good luck, Andy. Hope the UFO's can help also!


I always think of UFO too Ange. Andy must have been more trendy than us.

Liz Curtis

I might be eating in secret to start with ....
I'm just pleased that, at last, we seem to have some pills that actually seem to make a significant impact on the pain.


Best wishes Andy. I'll do everything I can to help. I've started by talking to all the takeaways in Newbiigin and surrounding areas, plus the bakery, and I've left pictures of you so that you may be easily identified. I've asked them to serve you quite normally, but to add rat poison to your order, and they've been instructed to say, quietly and politely "Thanks, sir. Best of luck. We've poisioned this for you to help", as they hand you your change. This may be the cognitive 'shift' that can make the difference between success and failure, and I hope you can one day learn to appreciate the genuine sentiments behind my actions, and even one day lift the exclusion order that has, I notice, once more been placed with me by your legal representatives.

Ruby Riley

Congratulations, sounds like a big commitment and an exciting one. When do you start?


I would like to know what they tell you at the cognitive thingy thingy. Please pass it on - it could be used for - well - other things.

ruth Marshall

Andy, I am really proud of you - I know its difficult - and I hope it gives you everything you want and need.

I will be watching this space!!!!


p.s where is my present?

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