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April 21, 2007



Jason is a very lucky man. Antonia is stunning. And you make wonderful portraits.


Aah yes, kind of....


OOOH Antonia - can borrow that top?????????


Christine - I think it's from the M&S Per Una range... and there's a fab skirt that goes with it. Sorry Andy - just trying to be helpful.


Antonia has seen this and I think from her expression hat she was slightly amused by it, but I can't be sure as I have never seen that expression before. It was at least a more positive reaction to her being compared to a pornographic actress or filthy whore, as on my blog recently (now taken down due to pressure from her legal representatives). I have to point out to the public that Antonia bears a passing resemblance to the lady in your picture, but these days she looks even more like Jenny Agutter


What amazes me, Jason, is that it took so long for you to find this.

What amazes me more is that anybody might think it really was Antonia.


Sorry Jason. Hope you didn't get it in the neck.

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