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March 03, 2007


Liz Curtis

Even sadder that you actually lined up all those above-mentioned knobs, faders, washers, nuts and screws in order to take the photograph. See you this afternoon!


I'm pleased it was broken after all that. I definitely would not have had the patience to do this - and it explains why Soundcraft would have charged me more than the cost of the desk to sort it out. I suppose I have just been unlucky with this because they say that it should be fine to leave it switched on all the time - which it has been for two years.


I think this a reflection of Andy's attention to detail and order is life. Is this what you had to do in therapy?


Liz - well spotted, although lining them up didn't take so long - and I had large gaps in my work through the nigh as I waited for things to render, so it was a nice distraction.

Jason - I think I would be quite reassuring on this front if I was a manufacturer whose guarantee has rn out some time ago. I might comment that it should work OK under water, or perhaps for extended periods in outer space. Common sense dictates that a thing left on is more likely to burn out than a thing switched off. I wonder if they did a two-year soak test to see if their claim was correct? Recently, the petrol company in the duff petrol scare said that they had tested their petrol and nothing was wrong. We should trust manufacturers more, I say, and to hell with common sense.


No, Rebecca, in therapy I just talked to a nice man who assured me I was not mad. I had to take a knife to his throat before he did, mind you - but he did sound convinced.

fave sis michelle

so pleased you like the look of FLBs tiny but pretty knobs..........

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