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March 07, 2007



Mmmm, I am filled with envy, and it has all the bits for stopping explosive p's too.


and aside form the aesthetics - you sounded just as sophisticated and sexy as always.


...but guys he played some of my favourite tunes - you can't expect me to tell him the truth!


Ian - you're very welcome to come and speak into it and maybe adjust it a bit. :)

Jac - Sophisticated and sexy? OK, seems like we need the opposites of these given that you're lying.

Hmmm..... A crude turn-off. Now I /am/ depressed.

I do, however, know it's the truth.


I'm so happy for you Andy. As someone for whom the collection of random possesions goes some way to filling an otherwise immensely sad and empty life myself, I know how much these things mean. I hope that your microphone is now never far from optimal placement relative to your sophisticated and sexy mouth-hole.


Relationships with microphones are odd - when else do you put something so close to your mouth - without actually putting it in????

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