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February 21, 2007



I must make her buy a black bra!

Liz Curtis

I have a black bra. I could have put it on ... no bother. I just didn't think of it.


I have 2 comments to make:
1 - your recent hand fascination reminds me of the film the Labyrinth starring 80's pop icon David Bowie. I recently watched this and was shocked by how tight his trouser things actually were!

2- I got my overbite from years of sucking my thumb - this was due to stress. I now drink red wine to help solve this.


I doubt you were stressed as a baby Ruth.... ha ha.... baby ruth


how do you know - you were not even born then.....

Yes - ha ha ha - I am an american chocolate bar.....Did I ever tell you that Matt ate the one you bough me when I was asleep and he was drunk and looking for food!

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