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February 08, 2007


Liz Curtis

I like that. According to mine, I'm 12. Cool. :-)

John Cooper

Mine says L I think it's short for "laughing".


Mmmm..............18X - does that mean I'm adult? Or maybe sexy?


Mine say I'm St Michael.


Yours are obviously for an adult audience only - you sexy beast you. Liz is a very lucky lady.


Rebecca here, mine says 12 and I kind of feel thats inappropriate considering my state of mind and that I am a mum and a grandma....

Ed Marshall

mine don't say anthing, I think the lable came off, does that mean that I don't have an age or does it mean that I don't exist, or am I infact dead??? or maybe just time to buy new pants?

Ruby Riley

I suppose this means that if I don't wear underwear, I am ageless.


If you don't, Ruby? /IF/ you don't?


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