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February 02, 2007



I had considered giving up caffeine (I drink more diet coke than I think is good for me) for lent instead of or as well as alcohol but decided I coudn't live without it. Not long term anyway. But I have started drinking caffeine free diet coke and haven't noticed much difference apart from the odd headache. Tending to drink more tea though ....

Jason Thompson

That's why it's called Everyday tea Andy - it contains powerfully addictive substances that will eventually kill you if you stop drinking it.


Rebecca here....I love twinings tea, it is of great comfort in times of stress and relaxation. If I had to choose between a glass of wine and tea, the latter would win everytime.

Ruby Riley

Maybe tea is what I need. I've felt like I have a hangover for about three weeks now. All the tea in LA seems to be herbal and caffeine free though.

Liz Curtis

I have known various people who have had hangover type headaches when quitting caffine. Ed is a case in point, he now drinks decaffinated. I rarely drink more than 4 cups of tea a day and maybe a couple of instant coffees. I did stop my caffine intake for about 4 months and noticed no differences. I think too that there are types of physiology that are more prone to addiction and maybe these are more likely to feel the withdrawal symtoms.
Ruby ... you need to come to the UK and have a few cups of proper tea!

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