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January 21, 2007



I did the same thing a few weeks ago with s microplane grater. Hope it heals quickly, and that your food still tasted okay with your own flesh in it.

Tim the Enchanter

I did something similar to this once, possibly.

fave sis michelle

oh no that is sooooooooooo bad........ is the potatoe peeler ok!


Is this picture to scale or has the peeler been enlarged to make us feel sorry for you?

What were you doing peeling potatoes...isn't that womans work?


copy cat


Ian: It is? Why wasn't I informed? I was told that all work was specifically for men to do. I was told that.....wait a minute - BY A WOMAN.... Hmmmmm....

Louise: Yes. Yes I am. Fight?

FSM: The peeler is doing fine, after a short stay in the Desmond Larchbend hospital for sick utensils.

Jason: A what?

Tim: Yes, we all have - haven't we?

Has anyone not done something similar to this?


Yes, but nothing I can tell you about.

Back to the peeler...women don't use peelers Ian, we use vegetable knives, they are easier to grip and much faster, however this skill does require regular use and many vegetables of practice.

fave sis michelle

yes R vegetable knives are the equipment to use and if you run out of veggies one can always us it on the other half if they are getting annoying!!

Liz Curtis

Potato peeler and finger to scale. I staunched the blood with a plaster though.

beanie baby

hey took a chunk very large and very bloody out of my right thumb 2 night with that exact same peeler!

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