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January 07, 2007



How shall we ever believe Jason again....

fave sis michelle

ok then thats one up on FLB then isnt it, are you really happy that you have found them hahaha,
pleased you just mentioned his name and not another photo of one of his body parts..............

fave sis michelle

awaiting reply on my bloggy, bloggy friend!!!

fave sis michelle

oops ............ on the bowling thingy!!!! did a new blog so.......... hmmmmmm whateva then


Oh no! what am I getting myself into?


Storge: I don't think I've ever really believed Jason. I advise you not to.

8 out of 10 Australians said they would not believe Jason.

Liz Curtis

Woohoo .... more New Year's fun next year then .... not sure I can stand the excitement.


No you have to sit Liz.


Sorry,meant to say armchair entertainment.

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