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January 05, 2007



Please the ladies, my arse!


Your blog / writing is too addictive! if you have to half kill yourself to do regular updates then so be it - we (your loyal readers) are willing to take the risk ;o)

Really, I hope you find the time to recover and get the rest you need so you can continue to paint awesome / humorous word pictures, as only you can.

Take care mate.


I'm sorry for your woes and mine and anyone else who has them.

Tim the Enchanter

Thank you Andy....Thandy!


Quite, Jason.

I'm sorry that you are suffering so much from having me live here. I really will try to be more co-operative in future.


Oh, we have to co-operate, I knew I'd been doing something wrong.

fave sis michelle

Andy ..... have you got a thingy goin on about FLB's arse or WOT........ haha

Mr. Mavin

If only the trousers were that little bit tighter .....

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