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January 12, 2007



Quite surprised to read about CBB on here, Andy. Last time I saw Dirk Benedict on tv was of a Saturday tea-time about 20 years ago. If you've got a problem, and nobody else can help, if you can find them, maybe you can hire .... Howling Mad was my favourite character. Might give CBB a look tonight seeing as it's been recommended (almost?)


Liz Curtis

I liked what he said too. Very thought provoking.


Slightly more thought provoking and philosophical than pouring his whisky into the bin rather than let anyone else have some, like he did yesterday, apparently. Maybe he has difficulty letting go of the drink?


Jason: A pretty low-key strop on the day of his nomination. I think he reacted rather better than Leo - who could not face being voted out by the great British public who just "Like a bit of Leo".

Also Jo - who Dirk nominated - didn't even ask for the drink herself, preferring to invoke the power of Jade to demand precious alcohol. I hope I have the class to lose-it in such minimal way when I finally get asked onto the Big Brother 4 month weight loss special - in which 12 fatties fight it out to lose weight despite piles of chips and doughnuts everywhere.

I've said too much. Thanks for your comment Jason, it was very clever and lovely.


stupid arse pouring his whisky into the bin...... silly Dirk, never mind I want Jade to win she's the winner.......and Leo what can I say what a tw.t oh sorry twit..... sooooooooo pathetic..


I haven't seen any of it Andy but if they had some sort of weight loss thing ... would you go on?? Would take like tons courage I think ... Something Victoria Wood said ... after counselling she realised she'd been hiding behind her weight. I get to like 10 1/2 stone (i'm 5'6") and I know I've got to stop putting it on. Somewhere like weightwatchers or similar helps me so I know people can hear whether I've lost or not ... Problems lie deeper than just putting on weight .. it's like 'why do you need to eat' what else could you do instead .... blog, make music, draw, paint, fly a kite etc....

Tell me to fuck off if you want, I don't really know you at all but I care about how big you are .. think of you, you need to loose it, soon!!


I know it's none of my business ... I'm sorry for stickin' my oar in ... just care a bit ... that's all ..Ange


I wondered why Dirk had decided to enter this shallow world of celebrity misfits. Intrigued,I have been able to grab a few moments of CBB's, sorry fraudulent slip, CBBH and well he seems to be quietly earning some respect, but was the whisky selfish, maybe it was an act of unselfishness. I am going to try and breath with more awareness.



Thank you for the warm invitation to tell you to fuck off. I just worry that you're hiding behind your need to have people insult you...

Less unseriously: I hear you, Angela - and I am glad you felt you could speak your mind here. That's important. Thank you.


Mm. I take criticism (not that I get much) easier than I take compliments (not that I get many of them either)!!

It's a funny life, ain't it??

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