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January 19, 2007


Tim the Enchanter

Well put Huddersfield git.


I'm a geordie through and through, like. And even moreso I'm a proper georgdie born and bred cos I was born in Jesmond, ie within the city, like. I'm proud of my roots and have a massive chip on my shoulder so if anyone disses a geordie, they diss me man! Racism comes in many shapes and forms...... (This is a non sober comment - is it cos I is black and white?)

Liz Curtis

No, just white, Angie.
Tim - please don't lower the tone of Huddersfield by inferring that Andy comes from there. He wasn't born in Yorkshire, you know.
I find it very difficult to define where racism starts and bullying ends ... in fact, I might even define racism as comments on a person's colour or culture used in order to bully them.


TL: I think Ange meant Newcastle's football team colours.

Also: Can't I just be Yorkshire and forget the other bit. Please...?

Liz Curtis

You /know/ you're posh northern.


And doesn't it sound that much worse with that ghastly accent of hers? Whoops! Was that racist?

Jade Goody (or Baddy in this instance) comes from an area of London called Bermondsey which is known for its racial attacks. I think growing up around this area has probably made her not really give much thought as to whether what she is saying might offend only to discover afterwards just how much damage her cake-hole has caused and apparently be sorry for it.

And to top it all off, the girl is mixed-race herself. Her career is probably ruined now, she'll still be famous but for all the wrong reasons. It has to be bad when people are burning effigies over 4,000 miles away. I feel a bit sorry for her, she's like a little 5 year old girl that just didn't grow up.

John Cooper

Before I went to China last year I had a very fixed view of the type of country it was. Especially as I was going to work in an orphanage where parents abandon children with disabilities at the gates. It was far too easy to think of this repressed communist country, with inhuman inhabitants who would throw away disabled children at the drop of a hat. But, of course this is just a myth. We have no idea of some of the pressures from society that other people in the world have. We have no concept of some of the other cultures which people live in. And we have the arrogance to think our western ideals are superior. Democracy is counted as the only true way for a country to govern itself, and we go to war to defend it in countries where it doesn't even exist.

I'm like Andy I was brought up to be a rasist, just because that's all we knew. I've changed my views because the people I've met just don't conform to the stereotypes I was fed. The type of comments, bullying, and ignorance that came out of BB are endemic in our society. No matter how much gloss we try to put on our multi-cultural society; the kind of comment that were made on BB are pretty much being made everyday in most workplaces (I know that's a bit of a generalisation).

The truth is we need to treat people as we find them.

Grim Reaper

Jade Goody - amoungst the most influential people in the World. Perrlease!

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