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December 05, 2006



Yes - now that's fresh milk. I've tried this with Ginger, but it's far more difficult wihout a cow, and my 'improvisation' was deemed to be inappropriate and 'very wrong' by the local authorities and RSPCA.

Tim the Enchanter

IS that a cow? We can't really be sure can we. It could be some sort of fudged stage prop with a hidden milk-projecting pump. That cat is being duped I tell you!


It's either a cow or a VERY happy bull.

Liz Curtis

.... with four penises. Or should that be peni?
Was it plimmy milk you tried, Jason?


Andy, please don't post comments pretending to be Liz.

Yes it was plimmy milk.


In a way, I wish it had been me.

It's a worry.

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