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November 23, 2006



Are you talking about STDs?

John Cooper

I agree, I'd always prefer a projectile firing weapon. Less running - more fun. Note that I didn't say gun. I mean there are time I want to catch something, and want it to live too. So in which case the trusty baton round fired at the correct operating distance would be more appropriate. If I want a none fatal, supressed catch then I may use a Tazar at short distances. There's also an issue of if you want to eat it later. Lazer guided rockets may be fun but it does tend to spoil the taste of your bunny or whatever. Hope this is useful those of you in blog land.

Liz Curtis

I think you should contact Ian and take up archery, John.

Tim the Enchanter

I hear you Andy. Signed.....visitor number 16,028

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