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November 12, 2006


Ruby Riley

I've never heard of Costas. But I'm pretty sure that's the one I would pick. I do like Starbucks coffee, but it's not spectacular. And their pastries are lousy. (And I used to work there too, so I've pretty much tried it all.) Hilarious that they put these two so close together.


Yes, these we need good coffee keep springing up all over the place.


If only, I hear all readers of this blog shout, there was a place in Newbiggin by the Sea where the finest coffee and other gourmet regional produce could be procured in a stylish and welcoming environment. That would be best, I think.


It would wouldn't it, if only there was such a place?


I'd chose starbucks everytime!
U know Rachel work's for Costa?!

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