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October 26, 2006


Liz Curtis

I liked the candle light .... very romantic.

Tim the Enchanter

There's positive Liz.


We were spared the 'cut' up here cos we're on a different circuit, the same one as North Seaton.
I remember one winter the whole of Newbiggin was in total darkness for at least six hours and our estate, the colliery and I think spital were the only lights in the whole town. And I remember when crisps cost 2.5p a bag. And I thought I remembered being told that the piano (no, let's not go there again!))


I'm amazed that our power up at this end of Newbiggin didn't go off. The village must have had a second fuse installed recently.


I was in a small writing class (!) meeting at Horsley in the morning, when the power went off at around 11.00 a.m.. We were all using pen and paper, of course, (remember,Angela?) and it didn't make a scrap of difference...till we thought about coffee, and lunch....

Mr. Mavin

Dont you guys have UPS installed a s a matter of course?


Jason it was far too late for you. You will have been all tucked up in bed by then.

Something strange did happen because we all have digital alarm clocks (plus Kieran as a fail safe)and they went a bit funny. They didn't stop just all flashed the time constantly.


Liz Curtis

Did Kieran flash too?


I think that may come in about 8-10 years time and will be referred to as mooning, although, thankfull to my knowledge Simon hasn't done this...


Markbear: I had been wondering lately what the pens on my desk were for. Maybe this is the answer.

In any event, sometimes people ask to borrow them, so there must be a use of some sort.

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