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October 11, 2006


Liz Curtis

You clever old thing.


No can't see anything sorry...

Tim the Enchanter

Yes, I got that.


Got the clip, but no static image

Mr. Mavin

Message recieved and understood from over the water!

fave sis michelle

Yep I saw that clip but why was everyone not wearing any clothes!!.................only joking


Clip worked but there is a blank space where I presume the static image ought to be. Also there was no sound from the cox urging the photocopying dept to get a wriggle on?


OK, folks, I have corrected it so that an image should display at all times. Even if it is a boring one.

Jac - I loved your comment, but there is no sound, so don't worry. That said, let's record a soundtrack sometime when you're up here. :)

Thanks for beta-testing this for me.

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