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October 29, 2006



No question, soft and maching pulled, pink and white everytime.

Liz Curtis

Locally, Cresswell's mint choc chip in a suger cone. Dixon's is, of course, my favourite.


It used to be Pieroni's - an ice cream parlour in Ashington. Eaten from a tub with a twirl or flake. Now they've closed down, and my favourite is a Haagen Dasz (spelling dodgy there I think) Praline Wafer Cup, available from The Gate ice cream bar in Newcastle, at the entrance to the cinema. It's got pralines and cream ice crea, broken wafer cone, hot fudge sauce, chocolate sauce, cream and caramelsed nuts on top.


Nobody could accuse you of being a simple man Jason.


Sounds delicious.

Mr. Mavin

One simple word .... Minchellas

Tim the Enchanter

Two complicated words...Seaton Delaval (you know...beside the roundabout)


Used to like Pieroni's, too. And Seaton Delaval Roundabout but I think Haagen Das' Strawberry wins everytime. Or is Mr Softee best? Can't decide


Bertorellie's icecream (another dodgy spelling???) was always my favourite. Mind you I used to work their during the '5th and 6th form days' and it was therefore mostly free. Ymmmy. Ofcourse the recipe will now die with the family. VERY sad.


Yes, Christine, Bertorelli's may well be spelled wrong, but it's a tough one and I have probably got it wrong as well. I think your use of "their" may also be wrong in this context. Perhaps "Yummy" should contain a 'u' at some point? You might like, also to go for a gap between "Of" and "Course".

Thanks for your comment.


You may want to machine my maching too Andy.


Of course not, Rebecca.

I am nice to you.

Try to remember that, I really am trying to be nice.


Oh so being nice to me is trying, well okay then, ....okay. Well...I am...well...okay then...right..thats okay then... I think.... ;)


The man.
The man in a white overall.
The fat man in a white overall.
The fat man in a white overall that blew a whistle.
The fat man in a white overall that blew a whistle to let you know he was here with his icecream.
He hand pushed his cart around the back streets of Seaham. I remember mostly Sunday afternoons in wind and rain and boredom cos there was no telly on Sunday afternoons back then - yes you younger readers, there used to be times when the telly stopped.
It wasn't so much that we wanted an ice cream or that the ice cream was particularly memorable - just that it was something to do other than watch the raindrops run down the window.
Sometimes on those inclement days the fat man in the white overall and the whistle would wear a dark grey plastic mackintosh over the top of his white overall... maybe he wasn't an ice cream man at all.
And then it changed. An ice cream van came that played chimes. One of the saddest sounds in the world - ice cream chimes on rainy Sunday afternoons. Bleak. Very bleak.
And now today in technicolor - Movenpick chocolate icecream at £2 a hit and a telly that never stops. Sigh.


Wow i carn't beleeeeve i speeled all thows wards rang. must av bean verrry tyred.

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