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October 29, 2006



So - would that be - Fenwicks or Fenwick, then, Andy?


Its Fenwick, whats happening there?


Ian, you know that you should not ask that question and I would appreciate your discretion Andy. Please....


Hey, Jac, it's just a cool cool place with lots of nice things.

Well worth a look. Always a great place to buy Christmas treats.

The Fenwicks window is world famous in Newcastle.

I like to say Fenwicks, sometimes, just because I can, Ian.


Except that it's Fenwick, not Fenwicks. Like it's Asda not Asdas.


You're quite right, Jason.

So why do you say Fenwicks then?


Easy life...

Tim the Enchanter

They stock my books. Hope this is helpful.

Liz Curtis

Because it sounds better, silly.

Mr. Mavin

Fenwicks .... and will always be Fenwicks.

Some more examples. Tescos, WHSmiths, Marks and Spencers. .... but why?

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