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September 11, 2006


Liz Curtis

He says it works ... I washed the filter too and haven't put it all back together again yet .....
I'm sure it WILL work though.


I had a similar thing with my tumble dryer. It has a condensing unit which collects the water and you empty every so often. And a mesh fluff filter thing. I was drying loads and they were taking forever and there was never much water when I emptied the reservoir thing either. So my friend came around and I asked what she thought was up with it as she has the same model. Took condensing unit out of dryer and gunk galore, fluff forever, etc.. You could have made a jumper out of the stuff, I had to take it into the garden and give it a good flush out with the hose. We now have a wool tree growing in our garden. Luvverly...


And no, I am not an automated robot although I sometimes feel like a one when doing the housework.

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