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September 21, 2006



I have just eat a banana which isn't good, but I was hungry and going out to get something in me jimjams wasn't on my list of essential things to do at the moment so well done...:)


How wasn't it?


Because I should have had nothing...


I think that 'Fun Size' fast food is the answer. A mini kebab containing a 2 inch square pita bread containing 1 gram of salad, 2 rings of onion, 2 strips of 'let's call it meat' and a teaspoon eack of chilli and garlic sauce, served in a small sweetie bag. The 4 inch Pizza and 2 Spponfuls Curry could also be a winner for the folks who need the big meal hit when they're already full.


Jason - There's an eager market out there. Supermodels, "The Full", Those dieting...

Ian - It wasn't filling. :)

Tim the Enchanter

It's a neat thought Andy....comforted by NOT eating comfort food. Well done.

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