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September 24, 2006



I can't think of anything worse than living longer AND giving up sex. Sounds like something an offender would be sentenced to. No thanks. Is there an option for loads and loads of sex but a shorter life?

Tim the Enchanter

Are you trying to pre-empt my wedding talk Andy?

John Cooper

I just need to clarify that you mean lots & lots of monogamous sex with your wife. Althoug I'd be tempted to snuff it tommorow for one night with Kate Bush - did I say that out loud.

Ruby Riley

No debate at all! Quality over quantity. I want great life with great sex. Jason's right, long life with no sex sounds like a terrible punishment for a criminal.


Get in the kate Bush queue John. Ooo what a nasty thought...


Oh Ian! I am shocked and very saddened.

(room for one more?)


Well risky for me to comment, but hey thats me isn't it. Sex wins at the moment, ask me again, if I am still around at 75.


You might not live to be 100 without sex, but I bet it would seem like it...

Mr. Mavin

Kate Bush ....hmmmm


Why are most men obsessed with Kate Bush???????


Well, Christine, we can't all admit to fancying you for obvious reasons, so we just looked arbitrarily for another singer with long, dark hair.

Kate Bush was it.

Liz Curtis

Oh, /that/ Kate Bush. I thought you all meant the wifey down at the fish quay.

Mr .Mavin

OK ... gentlemen .... who had (or possibly still owns) THAT poster ..... you know which one I mean .....


...raises hand...slowly, looking around for others...

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