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September 28, 2006


John Cooper

Wow, he's amazing. I wonder if he lsot his arms or was born like it. I just would like to know how he came to think of playing with his feet. I especially like the little percussive dance bit.
It's a bit like Jeff Healy the blind guitarist who featured in the very poor film roadhouse. He's blind and plays the guitch flat on hisknees. But it means he can use his left thumb to fret as weel and does amazing stuff.


How can you class a film starring drop dead gorgeous Patrick Swayze as 'very poor'?

(Storyline not important - Patrick's physique - very important!)


I know this may be a touch vain of me but I think I should introduce myself - I am Angela and I found your blog after finding Liz's blog after clicking on Liz's name on John's blog. There. (PS Me and John are school yard companions of donkeys years cos our (very clever!) son's are in the same class. We also share similar interests like cricket etc.

PS Also saw you at Newbiggin Arts Forum - hello.


Can any English bofs out there let me know if apostrophe in son's was in wrong place? Think it should have read sons' and not son's. Cos whilst it is the son's class (ownership) it is also a plural. Any comments?? I've had one or two red grapes. Goodnight.

John Cooper

I'd go for sons' I think. As in "James'"


Welcome, Angela, and thanks for introducing yourself. Please do introduce yourself at the next forum, if we make it, that is. It'll be the Monday after our big day and we may be a bit wrecked...

Joke du Jour

Thanks for the link. That guy is pretty impressive, isn't he?

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