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August 12, 2006



That's a tough decision. They're all so wonderful.


That is 'horrible'.

Andy Curtis

What is, Jason? It's an animation with them all on, including yours. Might help us decide.


This is Rebecca on I's Laptop, I choose five, its a classic and who you truely are, at least from my perspective.


Number 2, the extra head and the blueness says it all for me.

Andy Curtis

I think I'll go with number 5 - my favourite too, on reflection. I do love number 2, but that's another story.


Number 1 - trust me, I'm an artist.


Aestheticaly, it would look better if the image was flipped horizontally, because the way it is, you're looking off the edge of the page, and it makes you seem disinterested. If it was flipped, you'd actually be looking into the content of the blog, and it would look more cohesive. Also you look a bit sad. I prefer my happy picture, but maybe you're just telling us all that you ARE sad. Andy, are you sad?

Andy Curtis

Hello Jason. Thanks for your lovely comments. Firstly, let me state quite categorically that the picture you took is definitely best. It's a wonderful picture and I love it. I have actually loved it twice, but i probably should not speak about that too much.

I will flip the other picture. Thank you.

Tim the Enchanter

Make sure that when you flip the picture you aren't wearing a visible watch, or anything else with figures/numerals on it, such as a tattoo or a tee-shirt with corporate logo, as these will also flip, and then the whole thing will become like one huge mistake, or a joke....even.

Andy Curtis

Thank goodness for you, Tim. I observed the rules and warnings and, I think, all is well.


Tim the Enchanter

Jason, as usual, is absolutely correct. This aspect lends a symetry to the page which was previously of a tardy nature.

Liz Curtis

I like number 5 best, but number 4 is good too. I agree with the comments about flipping it. Cool.


but I prefer seeing you in the bath!!!!!!


I have to say number 5, "The Blogger" Face... its serious enough just like number four but too serious... Its fun just like 1 - 3 but not too outragous that you laugh everytime you see it. Plus all the others are just freaky and look like you have something to prove ;o)... Unless of course you want the "I have something to prove" look.

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