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June 26, 2006



I agree - the press etc are simply never happy. I hope the players aren't taking too much notice and hopefully we will win again at the weekend. I love football.

Mr. Mavin

And here I was thinking that this blog would be World Cup Free ...... As a Dutch supporter, I love watching the differences between the Dutch press and the English press. At a Dutch Post match conference it goes something like (except in Dutch) "Well done, you guys must be pleased with the hard earned 3 points. You beat a strong team. the country is proud of you. Now, you know you played badly, but what can we see to next game?" In an English post match conference they say, you played terrible8 you must be disappointed how you played8, do you think you can go on? etc etc ... and oh by the way at least you won. ....... Pffft!

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