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June 01, 2006



I love that house, and I hope that you get into it very soon so that I can come and nose around and poke at things


I too would like to nose around. Looks great. please make it work this time and come and live in Newbiggin very soon. please please please...


I hope you plan to be in when we come, because not only will it be great to see you, we may need refreshments or the toilet or the use of your pool...

Andy Curtis

Thanks to all for the kind words.

It will be pure joy to be in NBTS and see you all on a more regular basis.

The coffee will be well and truly available, and the pool is /very/ big. Bit salty too.

Tim the Enchanter

Warm thoughts from us Sokells in Cramlingtonvilleshire!


Fab house Andy and Liz, we like chocolate biscuits with our coffee. And sometimes muffins. Organic ofcourse. We'll also have to bring the dog. He eats anything. Oh and please don't buy a game called Dutch Blitz.

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