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April 30, 2006



I'm more of a custard man myself


Warm runny chocolate hitting a cold something, so it hardened and cracked.......I've said too much again haven't I?


Mmmmmmmmmm. Warm runny chocolate hitting a cold something so it hardened and cracked...


I want to understand - really I do.

It's all so hard, and I don't know any of these clever references.

Is it to do with sex bottoms?

Liz Marshall

So, what do you and Rebecca actually do with custard? And can we watch?


Liz - Well-I'll leave Ian to answer the custard one as I only like cold custard... that has set. Rice pudding also has to be cold yet, pie such as apple, has to be warm.

Andy - The chocolate acts like a face pack, in that once applied runny, goes hard and cracks, but is edible. Good quality choc only, otherwise whats the point in standing it in the freezer. What is/are sex bottoms?

Jason - Yes thats it, you got it in one, well done.


I fear that, once again, I am the butt of a number of very clever jokes that I don't understand.

Rebecca: I don't know what sex bottoms are, I just heard the phrase somewhere and wondered if it was relevant.


errrrr not to my knowledge, which isn't vast...

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